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Description :
Captain Ajit (Shashi Kapoor) crosses paths with young and energetic Kamini (Rakhee) in Kashmir and instantly falls in love with her. After a brief romance, Kamini disappears leaving Ajit in despair of ever seeing her again. Meanwhile, Ajit's guardian, Father Joseph (Nazir Hussein) seeks to arrange Ajit's marriage to Kamini's twin sister, Kanchan (Rakhee in double role), not knowing Ajit has fallen for Kamini. Ajit agrees to the marriage mistaking Kanchan to be Kamini but when the truth comes out, Ajit insists on marrying Kamini, leaving Kanchan heart-broken. Things take a violent turn when Kundan (Ranjeet) a villain from Kamini's past surfaces and threatens to destroy her. Kundan attacks Kamini but ends up getting murdered. In a race to dispose Kundan's body, Kamini meets with an accident and her car falls off a cliff. Presumed dead, Kamini's parents make Kanchan to pose as Kamini and marry her off to Ajit. Is Kamini dead? What happens when the truth gets exposed?

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