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Watch Bollywood Classic Movie Shart. Director : Kewal Mishra, Cast : Ramesh Deo, K.N. Singh, Kumud Chhughani, Meena Roy, Mumtaz, Rajender Nath, Sanjay Khan, Sujata Shammi, Tun Tun.
Synopsis: Raj likes to gamble and place bets about virtually anything, including befriend an attractive woman, Pinky, and pretending to her brother, while carrying on his romance with his sweetheart, Sapna Singh. The second time Raj sees Pinky is in a coffin being carried to her grave, while he consoles her dad, someone shoots him dead, leaving Raj to take the blame. The third time he sees Pinky singing and dancing at a New Year's Party; the 4th time he sees her posing in a photograph with Sapna; and the 5th time he is introduced to a very much alive Pinky by Sapna, where she refuses to recognize him, and shortly thereafter she is found dead in Sapna's house; and the 6th time both Sapna and he find her lifeless body hanging from the ceiling. As this mystery deepens, the Police want to question Raj about the two deaths - while Raj himself keeps on getting deeper and deeper in a mystery that may well end up taking his very own life.

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