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Super Hit movie Shikari (1991)
Synopsis : Shankar (Mithun Chakroborty) and chanchal ( varsha Usgoonkar )live in a village and together do shows on road with their elephant Appu to earn money. Oneday, Shankar sees an announcement made about a circus shows having artist Natasha (Irina Kushnareva). Shankar dreams of working with her in circus . Natasha 's bear Misha runs off from the train into a jungle,she goes in search of bear and is bitten by snake . Shankar immediately reaches there and removes the poison . He takes her to his village and introduce her to his mother and Chanchal . Chanchal feels very jealous and somehow manages to make Natasha go from there when the circus people reach the village . One day when Shankar reaches the circus with his elephant, Appu goes into the circus ring and starts performing at which the audience applauds a lot and the show become a big success. The circus authorities offer shankar and his elephant to work in their circus in Russia. Shankar tells about it to his mother, when Chanchal comes to know this she takes Appu with her to the jungle to hide him from Shankar but in the process looses her own life as some smugglers reach there to poach Appu. Shankar comes to know about it and somehow gets Appu back and reaches there in Russia to Perform in the circus. The ring master of the circus has many differences with Shankar bacuase of Natasha . Also, Adarsh ( Naseruddin shah) causes lots of problem as he tries to double cross the smugglers for a reason only known to him. Watch out what Actully the reason is behind Adarsh doing all those things. Also watch out for some interesting things during the concluding part of the story..

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