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Description :
Super Hit action movie Shiva The Power (Kannada Hindi Dub) (2008)

Synopsis : This is a Story of a honest police officer, Pratap (Om Puri). His aim of life is to eliminate the criminals in order to clean the society. Wherever he posted either criminals got finished by him or run away from there. The entire mafia and politician become enemy to him and wants to eliminate him. But there is a fellow named Shiva saves Pratap and they both become good friends. Shiva came in the city with his widow mother and young sister to study in the college and secure their future. But destiny wants something else, situation changes around him in such a way that instead of getting college he got trapped between police, mafia and politicians and become a hardcore criminal.Now situation becomes difficult for Inspector Pratap who has taken oath to clean the society. It is interesting to see how Pratap handles the situation regarding Shiva a hardcore criminal, who once saved his life.He reforms Shiva as Shiva the power and they both unitedly make the society free from crime, criminals & worst politicians.

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