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Description :
Kishore (Kishore Kumar) is an unemployed young man who is popularly known as funtoosh among his friends and family. Kishore falls in love with Meena (Kumkum), who belongs to a rich family. Meena's father is a scientist. He is working on a secret formula, which is being sponsored by a wicked businessman, Mr. Shyamlal (S. K. Shyam). Shyamlal's son Ranjan (Anoop Kumar) wants to marry Meena but when he learns that Meena loves Kishore,he tries to create misunderstanding between them. Meena tells Kishore that Shyamlal is forcibly making her father work for the formula with the power of his money. When Shyamlal's plan fails to trap Meena, he sends his man to kill Kishore, who escapes safely to the lab which belongs to Meena's father. There he is zapped by subatomic rays, which turn him into a supernatural strong man. Kishore starts enjoying his new life with superpowers. But later his super powers wear off and he begins to shrink at a very rapid rate. On the other hand Meena is being forced for the marriage with Ranjan. How will Meena get out of this dangerous situation? Can Kishore gain his old personality back before its too late?

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