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Super Hit Hindi Movie Shriman Satyawadi (1960)
Synopsis: Mohanlal, an honest chemist instills in his only child Vijay the adage Honesty is the best policy. Thus after his death, when Vijay grows up and joins the world of advertising and is required to lie about the products that the company markets, he finds himself in a no win situation.

Though he finds love in the form of Geeta and fatherly figure in Geetas father, however he has to sacrifice it all to remain honest with his own ideologies. Situation lead him to fight his own battle for the truth, that too all alone and Vijay does not hesitate.

Does Vijays honesty finally see him win over the evil that surrounds him? Does he loose Geeta forever in this bargain for honesty? Does truth and honesty finally prevail or finds itself weak within its bearer Vjay? The answers to all this is available on Ultra DVD of Shriman Satyawadi.

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