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Watch Bollywood Movie Sindoor Ki Saugandh. Director : Swaroop Kumar, Cast : Vijay Mishra, Amit Kumar, Prabhat Yogesh, Noor Kamal Kumar, Dilip Kumar Yadav, Pooja Chinoy.
Synopsis: Roshni (Pooja Chinoy), lives with her uncle Gulal (Arun Bakshi), and his wife and performs with a nautanki, moving from village to village. Roshni loves Sharad (Deepak Jethi) and both want to get married. But Thakur Gajraj Singh (Raza Murad) takes a liking to Roshni and gets Roshni abducted on her wedding day. Sharad is killed in this incident.
Roshni is molested by the Thakur and his men and then is left on the streets. She tries to complain to the police, only to realize that even the policemen are accomplices of Gajraj Singh. Humiliated, she is left on the streets once again. This time she is rescued by a kind-hearted bandit, Shankara (Pankaj Dheer) and she joins his gang. Roshni, now, swears to take revenge upon the people who have caused her much trauma. She attacks her enemies, prompting the government to assign Inspector Ramesh Kumar (Ravi Kishan) to arrest her at any cost. The question remains, does Roshni have enough time to carry out her vengeance before being arrested by Ramesh Kumar?

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