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Super Hit Movie Stumped (2003)

Synopsis : Raghav Seth (Aly Khan) is a young army officer, who has just shifted to Delhi along with his pretty and loving wife Reema (Ravina Tandon). They buy a flat in Happy home complex, a housing society where almost everyone is simply crazy about Cricket. And since it's the season of World cup, the citizens of that society have nothing else but cricket on their minds. They mourn if India loses a match, and celebrate if Indian wins. However, its not exactly a time for celebration for Reema as her husband has to go to the border due to the country's war with Pakistan at the Kargil. While she is tensed about the well being of her hubby, the rest of the society is in no mood for a thought about her and is busy enjoying cricket. One day, Reema receives a news that her husband is missing from the war front and is thus presumed dead. Reema goes to a state of great depression. However, it doesn't affect anyone else around. Is Raghav really dead? Are the other society people really right at their place? What must be going on Reema's mind? Does she get back her husband? Do people at Happy Home Complex stand behind her?

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