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Hindi Bollywood movie Suhaagan (1986)
Synopsis: Ram Babu was a simple tiller of the soil, and he used to llk after the agricultural lands of this neighbour Jegat Prasad.

Jagat Prasad had two daughters, Janki and Jyoti. Janki was well read and used to high dreams, while Joyti was just plain & simple.

Joyti, in her hearts & hearts liked Ram Babu, but it was Janki who was married to Ram Babu. Ram babu & Janki became the parents of a baby girls, but their thinking was side apar, and to widen it more was a young man Murli.

Murli was Jagat Prasad s friend s grandson, with his gift of talks, his bright outlook, he kindled a new light in the dull life of Janki. So far so, that Janki left her child and husband and eloped with Murli.

And, then she relized that she had committed a big mistake, Murli also realised it and removed himself from her path by committing suicide.

With the fire of repentance, burning in the heart of Janki unable to go back to her husband as he had already married to Jyoti, her sister.

Having lost Murli, her husband & child, she was now on path of no where . What happened to Janki? The answer is Roja Enterprises Colour film Suhagan.

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