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Description :
India comes under the threat of an evil terror organization called the S.S.O which plans to unleash a wave of terror attacks on the country and destroy it. The Intelligence Department comes to know about this organization, and assigns the mission of stopping them to secret agent, Gunmaster G-9 (Mithun Chakraborty). G-9 vows to capture the Boss of the Organization and burn it down to the ground. But when G-9's partner, Jackson (Tej Sapru) goes missing, G-9 finds out that he has been kidnapped by S.S.O and Jackson has been replaced with a clone. In his mission, Agent G-9 must battle dangerous gangsters, venomous snakes, Humanoids, as well as a beautiful girl, Priya (Ranjeeta Kaur), who believes that G-9 killed her father. A femme fatale by the name Neelam (Mala Jaggi) is determined to seduce and enslave G-9, threatening the espionage. How will Gunmaster G-9 rescue Jackson with the odds stacked against him? Will G-9 be able to stop S.S.O from taking control of the country?

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