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Description :
The Aeroplane bringing Dr. Moti (Dilip Kumar) back from abroad develop engine trouble and crashes in a small mountainous village. Moti attends a crash patient in the hut of a man named Surdas, where he meets Tarana (Madhubala), the only daughter of Surdas. Moti and Tarana fall in love with each other but this leads to Tarana's fiancé, Toteram's jealous. He hatches a plot to drive Moti out of the village and in the process defiles Tarana's character. The lovers are separated and Moti due to a misleading event, believes Tarana to be dead and resigns himself to a dejected life. Moti's father wants him to wed Sheila, the only daughter of his friend. With the impression that Tarana is gone out of his life and the insistent urge of his father to marry sheila, how long could Moti resist the overwhelming odds? Will Tarana and Moti triumph in love?

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