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Infamous Khoka Singh (Mohan Agashe) conspires against honest inspector Satyadevi Singh (Priya Tendulkar) and gets her locked up in jail by slapping a false case on her. She gives birth to her third child Romi in the prison while her other two sons Shakti and Anand are out on their own. Satyadevi accepts her jail sentence with a strong resolve that when she is out, her trimurti will help her seek revenge from Khoka Singh. However, when she is released she is shattered to know that her sons didn't turn out to be the ones she thought they would. Grown up Anand (Anil Kapoor) and Shakti (Jackie Shroff) got into a fight which led Anand to leave the house. He is believed to be dead. Shakti stays with Romi (Shahrukh Khan), who is very naive. All her kids are oblivious of their mother's existence. Romi, infact is employed by Khoka Singh who asks him to kill Satyadevi. With everything against her, will Satyadevi be able to extract her revenge from Khoka Singh? Will her trimurti ever find out about their mother and her motives?

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