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Watch Hindi Sci-Fi Flim - Trip To Moon. Starring: Dara Singh, Bhagwan, Helen, Padma, S. Nazir. Director: T.R. Sundaram. Synopsis: Astronaut Anand (Dara Singh) is all set to go on a mission to the moon. But before the rocket could be launched, it comes under the attack of Moon people who want to stop the mission at any cost. They abduct Anand and take him as a prisoner to Moon on their spaceship. On the escape from the Moon people, Astronaut Anand must fight King Kong, cow dinosaurs, Cyclops, Medusas, space Rhinos, Robots and Moon minions. Meanwhile the evil king of Mars has declared war on the Moon people in a quest to make the Moon princess his own. It is up to Astronaut Anand to save the princess and her kingdom from the evil forces of the King of Mars. As the inter-galactic warfare takes full form, who will win the battle and restore peace among planets?

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