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Description :
Tumhare Bina is a Bollywood Movie, starring Suresh Oberoi & Swaroop Sampat. Robin Dutt (Suresh Oberoi) is in the film business, and often comes in contact with beautiful and attractive women.His wife Seema(Swaroop Sampat) becomes suspicious when she observes lipstick marks on his shirt and eventually decides to separate from him. Robin is devastated by her decision, but her mother (Dina Pathak) is pleased that she has finally separated from Robin. Robin's attempts to see their son, Bobby, are often in vain due to Seema's mom. He then decides to abduct Bobby in order to be close to his son. A frantic Seema has no choice except to contact the police and report her son missing. How will this resolve their dispute? Or will it deepen their dispute?

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