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Watch Bollywood Classic Movie -- Ujala. Starring: Mala Sinha, Shammi Kapoor and Raaj Kumar. Director: Naresh Saigal. Synopsis: Ramu is an honest and hard-working fellow. He lives a poor life along with his mother, five little children, and sister named Sandhya. He slogs day and night to earn money for his family. He does not desire to walk on the wrong path and earn money just like his friend Kalu does. Kalu persuades Ramu to stop slogging for money and join hands with him, which will make him rich within a few days. Initially, Ramu denies but later harsh situations force him to join with Kalu. Ramu and Kalu con people and steal money from them. Soon, Sandhya's marriage is fixed with a respectful family. But, later when they learn about Ramu's dishonest business, they humiliate Sandhya and her family and refuse for the marriage. How will Ramu make amends with his family and friends? Will Ramu ever gain back trust on hard work and sincerity?

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