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Description :
Ramesh's (Raj Babbar) theory in life is to succeed by any means, be it fair or foul. He secures a press photographers job by a bluff and on work, he takes a snap of Shobha (Rati Agnihotri) beating an eve-teaser. Shobha is enraged to see her picture published, as this will anger her father, M.K. Roy. But Shobha and Ramesh's clash soon turns into love. Justice M.K. Roy is a traditional and orthodox man, who doesnt appreciate the carelessness of today's youth. He hopes to get Shobha married in a good household. To his shock and dismay, Shobha is in love with Ramesh. Justice Roy is opposed to any alliance with Ramesh, until Ramesh gets a suitable and respectable job, and learns to respect tradition. Ramesh sets out to get Shobha by hook or by crook, but will he succeed in his clever ways?

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