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Description :
Super Hit movie Unchi Medina Uncha Mol.
Synopsis : Human being is a social animal who cannot do without the people around them. It is this people around him which forms the society, and over a period of time he just cannot do without it...But it is the very society and its stringent norms that at times becomes the bone of content in a happy family. Unchi Medi Na Uncha Mol is one such story of a happy family, where false societal norms strikes like a villain and destroy the peace, calm and harmony destroys its unity.

Virji, his two daughters, Kesar and Kangan, and his adopted son Lakho is one close knitted happy family till it runs into whirlpool situation in the form of false societal norms and every happiness that the family shared together is sucked into its abyss. Kesar and Kangan are married off to two brothers Ram and Bharat, sons of Devraj. Everything is fine at Devraj's household when the two brides and sister shoulder all the responsibily. It is one happy family till society sees Lakho, Virji's adopted son as an object of debate.

A stringent society is not ready to accept or understand the special feeling that the two girls and their adopted brother Lakho share. For that matter they are neither ready to accept the father son relationship that Virji shares with Lakho.

The happy household of Devraj falls under the shadow of evil play when Ram and Bharat's paternal aunt, Mani-fai (Devraj's sister) makes an entry into the house. The aunt torches up a flame of hate and treachery into the girls lives with Lakho as the scapegoat. To add flame to the fire is the innocent love that develops between Lakho and Laxmi (granddaughter of Devraj).

Devraj's happy household falls apart as husbands and wives quarrel and the two sister cross swords against each other. A shadow also falls over the love of Lakho and Llaxmi.

Who or what has been the cause of this unharmonious situation? Will Devraj's household get together again as one happy joint family? Will the walls of suspicion ever fall apart? Will there be peace and prosperity again? Will Lakho and Laxmi's love survive these trying times?

To find answers to all these, see Unchi Medi Na Uncha Mol.

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