Uttar Dakshin - Rajnikanth, Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit - Full Movies

Description :
After the death of his mother, Raja (Jackie Shroff) comes to know that his father, Krishnakant is alive and doing well as a wealthy busniess man living with his second wife, Bharati and a son named Shankran (Rajinikanth). Raja's heart is filled with hatred for his father and family who lived a happy life while his mother lived in poverty and died of cancer. Raja decides to destroy his father's family and joins hands with Krishnakant's arch business rival, Vardha Rai (Paresh Rawal) who master minds a devious plan. Raja lands into Krishnakant's house and grows confidence and faith in Shankran and Bharati while Krishnakant is away in America. Things take a twist when Shankran's childhood friend Chanda (Madhuri Dixit) falls in love with Raja while Shankran is in love with Chanda. How will their love triangle unfold in this tale of sordid revenge and deceit?

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