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Description :
Fleeing from her home to escape a forced marriage, Anjali (Rekha) crashes her car in a jungle. Vijay (Navin Nischol), the forest conservator rescues Anajali and soon they both fall in love with each other. They both decide to get married but Anjali's family being very rich, consider Vijay unworthy. Amidst much opposition, the wedding date is set, not knowing the shock that awaits everyone. On the wedding day. the police crash the ceremony and arrest Vijay on complaint of a woman named Sultana, claiming Vijay to be her husband, Salimuddin. A powerful court room drama follows where three other woman surface, accusing Vijay of cheating them on the pretext of marriage. While Vijay maintains his innocence, the cheated women do their best to decimate him. Is Vijay innocent or a master of masquerade preying on women?

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