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Nandini (Aruna Irani), the Princess of Pushpapuri, is left enraged when King Suryadesh(Kabir Bedi) marries her maid, Meenakshi (Indrani Mukherjee) instead of her. A son, Vikramdev, is born to Meenakshi, but Nandin teams up with an evil sorcerer, Mahendra (Ranjeet) to destroy her. The evil duo's actions lead to Vikramdev being stranded in the jungle's, while Suryadev is turned into a pearl necklace and Meenakshi becomes a beggar. Mahendra takes on the guise of Suryadev, marries Nandini, raises a girl child, Pallavi (Neetu Singh) and take over the Kingdom after declaring Vikramdev and Meenakshi dead. How will fate direct this tale of deciet and double cross when Vikramdev (Vinod Khanna) surfaces to rescue his parents and decimate the wicked?

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