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Description :
Jay (Jay Mehta) lives a pampered life with his grandmother (Mala Sinha) and owns a horse named Dildaara. Jay develops a close friendship with Dildaara as a child and their bond continues as they grow up. Jay grows to become a rebel in college and crosses paths with a beautiful girl, Sonia Modi (Raageshwari). Jay and Sonia dislike each other and get into all sorts of trouble but eventually both fall in love with each other. But Sonia's rich father, Devendranath Modi (Rajeev Verma) objects their alliance and does everything in his power to separate them. Jay is pressurized by his grandmother to forget Sonia while Sonia's father arranges for her to get married to the minister's son. How will Sonia and Jay handle the odds stacked against them? Can the star-crossed lovers unite?

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