Aaj Ka Andha Kanoon [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Bollywood Action Movie -- Aaj Ka Andha Kanoon. Starring: Sudesh Berry, Vishakha Jhaveri, Mahavir Shah, Prithvi. Director: Amit Chandra Sahay. Synopsis: Inspector Yash is honest police officers who along with his friend Inspector Shakti wants to eliminate the Mafia gangs in the city. Their prime target is Mafia Boss Shiva who has been escaping the law with help of corrupt politicians. Meanwhile, a gang of local thugs get into fight with Shiva and end up killing him. Yash and Shakti arrives at the spot and instead of arresting the gang, Shakti makes them an offer. Shakti wants the gang led by Deva to take out every criminal in the city who is associated with Shiva. But their plan to fight fire with fire backfires at them when Deva himself escalates to a point of being the most notorious criminal of the city. Betrayal awaits Yash and with his wife and Shakti killed, his sister Jyoti kidnapped, he must bring Deva to justice.

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