Anari Dada - Hindi Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Synopsis: Anari Dada is the story of a notorious gang which by its anti- national activities brought our society to the brink of ruin. Mr. Dhruvkumar [Venkatesh alias Anari Dada] gets used to criminal activities from the childhood and one day he attempts to kill a rowdy who tries to rape his mother and then runs away to Bombay. He works as a Truck Driver in Bombay Port and comes in touch with smuggler Mastan, who tries to buy Anari Dada but fails and inturn Mastan fabricate a false case on him and gets him arrested. An international Don Mansingh who is anti to Mastan, helps Anari Dada to come out of the clutches of Mastan. Mansingh has kept a Sexy Girl Miss.Sonuwalia to handle the people by her sexy style. Anari Dada also meets heroine Miss. Geeta who also comes to Bombay for job and they fall in love. An S.I. [Autar Gill] is also killed during the notorious activities of under-world. How Anari Dada with stood the test of what sexy queen Sonu Walia plays the role of what is depth of Gang War between Mastan & Mansingh. Vendor: Captain Movies.

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