Anubandham [Full Movie]

Description :
Seema a widow lives in poverty with her child. In an attempt to earn a respectable living, she starts a kindergarten school with the help of her silent admirer, Mammootty. Mammooty is a teacher to in the local school. But they both have a past, they were ex-lover. Against all odds she sets up the school. Mohanlal and Shobana too play a riveting role in the movie. When everything looked prim and perfect, there is a turbulence in their lives. Unintentionally, in an accident Mohanlal's and Shobana's child in killed. The tragic turn of event force Mammootty and Seema to part ways. But there hope round the corner. Watch the move that won hordes of Kerala State Film Awards; best actress Seema, Best Story M. T. Vasudevan Nair among other categories.

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