Aur Ek Ilzaam [Full Movie]

Description :
Aur Ek Ilzaam Bollywood Movie2007. Director : Kanmani Cast : Sumant, Charmi, Rahul Dev. Music : Mani Sharma.
Synopsis: Chinna is an orphan kid adopted by a jailer. But as a teenager, he was sent to jail for committing a crime in the jailers house. But was it really his folly? He is released from jail in his youth and longs to get back to his foster family. But they refuse to take him back into the family. The story proceeds by showing how he is a good-doer but his ways are not accepted by the society because he resorts to muscle power to get his work done. The movie depicts his fight to be accepted back by his folks. Watch out for the odds that he fights to achieve his goal with the help of the love of his life, Anjali. Expect a powerful performance by Rahul Dev, who plays a negative character in this flick.

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