Barish - The Season of Love [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Barish : The Season of Love Bollywood Movie. Producer : Kishore G., Director : Shoban, Cast :Prakash Raj, Gopichand, Prabhas, Thrisha, Music : Devi Sri Prasad.
Synopsis: Vijay (Prabhas) and Sheelu (Thrisha Krishnan) first meet on a station platform during a rain shower. Vijay is mesmerized by Sheelu's beauty and charisma. Unfortunately, she catches the eye of antagonist Bhavani (Gopichand) at the same time. Vijay and Sheelu meet again in Benaras. Ranga Rao (Prakash Raj), Sheelu's father is a typical baddie who is ready to marry her off to Bhavani for money. True to his character he creates misunderstandings between Vijay and Sheelu to separate them. Achieving success, he convinces Sheelu to become an actress, a demand which she succumbs to. But Bhavani kidnaps her. As Vijay comes to know, he sets out to rescue his love. Watch to find out if Vijay and Sheelu will ever reunite!

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