Beti - Hindi Romantic Film [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Hindi Romatic Film Beti. Starring: Nanda, Sanjay Khan, Kishore Kumar. Director: Harmesh Malhotra. Synopsis: Sudha Verma wants to be the ideal daughter for her father and mother. Sudha meets with Dr. Rajesh Anand, and both fall in love. All approve of their marriage, until Rajesh sees the invitation card for Sudha's marriage, and realizes that his marriage has been arranged with Sharda, and that Sudha is to marry a man named Rakesh. Rajesh attempts to straighten this out, but idealistic Sudha does not agree as she does not want to embarrass her father. Unfortunately, Sudha marriage does not take place, as the dowry money gets stolen. Rajesh returns and hopes to marry Sudha, but finds that Sudha and her dad are missing, and are untraceable, and then returns home to find a look-alike of Sudha, who calls herself Asha, but denies ever being or knowing anyone named Sudha Verma.

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