Bin Badal Barsaat [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Bin Badal BarsaatBiswajeet, Asha Parekh & Mehmood Bollywood Classic MovieFull Length HQ. Directed by Jyoti Swaroop, Produced by Uttam Chitra. Cast: Mehmood, Asha Parekh, Biswajeet, Padma . Synopsis: Seventy years ago the wealthy Thakur of Neelamghat had an affair with a gypsy girl, and then married another woman. The gypsy girl's dad placed a curse on the entire Thakur family that whenever a male marries, his wife will die in mysterious circumatance after an year. The curse has come true over the years, and none of the Thakurs have escaped it's wrath. The latest Thakur, Prabhat (Biswajeet) has now come to settle in Neelamghat, and is attracted to the local doctor's daughter, Sandhy Gupta (Asha Parekh). When Dr. Gupta proposes marriage, Prabhat tells them about the gypsy curse, and both father and daughter scoff at this. They quickly change their minds one night, when they find Prabhat dressed as a groom, getting ready to marry a reincarnated gypsy girl.

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