Bottu Katuka [Full Movie]

Description :
BOTTU KATUKA (1979)Directed by Raja Chandra Music is composed by Chakravarthy.Madhavi(Jayanthi) teaches a lesson to a road side romeo who teases her friend.In the mean while Nirmala meets Murali Mohan and forces him to take her to courts she wants to see the proceedings in the court.Soon after that Madhavi and Nirmala will be surrounded by villains madhavi will be defending herself but nirmala request Murali Mohan to help madhavi who was passing by the same way after the fight.l. Murali Mohan discuss with his family about his divorce case when he returns from the court. Krishna's daughter faints while playing and immediately her father rushes to his friends clinic. At the same time even krishna is admitted in the hospital as he falls sick Doctor reveals that he is suffering with blood cancer.Krishna goes to a Hospital which was referred by his friend and meets the doctor to get admitted in the hospital for treatment the whole story revolves around how Nirmala plays a drama to make Murali Mohan and Madhavi together and how she handles the situation at home when krishna is not around to take care of the family it is a sentimental family drama.A must watch movie

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