Darodekhor - Classic Marathi Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Darodekhor Classic Marathi Movie. Directed By Kamlakar Torane, Staring : Arun Sarnaik, Baal Dhuri, Dr. Rhandiwe, Jagannath.K, Kamini Pitale, Kuldeep Pawar, Laxmi Chhaya, Rajshekhar, Sarla Yeolekar, Vikram Gokhale.
SynopsisDarodekhor is a very touching story of Dharma and Paru. Despite being poor, they enjoy life to the fullest with their children Satya and Shiva. The village head Manajirao has an eye on Paru and one day forces himself up on her in the presence of her son, Satya. Satya pledges to avenge this but Dharma, on learning about it all, guns down Manajirao. The police arrest Dharma but he manages to escape and turns into a dacoit. Satya and Shiva too follow their father's path. Satya seeks vengeance from Shamrao who he feels is worse than Manajirao. Shamrao's sister, Sundara and Shiva fall for each other. On the other hand, a police officer is searching for Satya. His wife however seems to be in a dilemma because Satya is a brother to her. What happens to Sundara and Shiva's relation? Will Satya and Shiva succeed in doing away with Shamrao?

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