Devatha - Telugu Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Lecturer Prasad(N T Ramarao) and Seeta(First Savitri) are marride couple and happily living together. They has a son Madhu(Master Murali). Seeta looks after her Aunt and Uncle very affectionately. She also takes care of every family affairmeticulously. She came to know that her father Seshaiah(Perumallu) was sick and started by Train to go to village. The train met with an accident. The family members comes to know that Seeta is alive and felt very happy. She reaches home, but could not identify any one of them. Seshaiah writes his entire property in the name of Seeta and dies. Dr. Rukminamma was called for consultation. She identifies that the lady in the family is not Seeta and she is Kanya. Meanwhile, Prasad comes to know that Seeta died in the accident. The lady in their house is found to be Lalitha(Second Savitri) and arranges her marriage with her lover(Vallam). But he refuses with suspicion. Seetas relative Jagannadham(Rajanala) kidnaps Lalitha for the property, but saved by Prasad. Taking into account the affection shown on her by the family, Lalitha decides to continue the relationship to replace Seeta and married Prasad.

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