Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche [Full Movie]

Description :
Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche- Two Feet Beneath the Earth's Surface Ramsay Hindi Movie
The story begins with Rajvansh, who has come to a graveyard to pay homage to his deceased wife. On the way he finds a girl in trouble. The girl is being chased and manhandled by some roughnecks. Rajvansh saves the girl and it turns out that her name is Anjali. Rajvansh takes Anjali to his house, so as to make her feel comfortable. At night Anjali and Rajvansh are unable to hold their emotions and make love. In the morning, Rajvansh promises Anjali that he will marry her. Anjali has only one relative i.e. Mama ji, who is cunning as a fox, shrewd as a jackal and greedy as a monkey. After few scenes, Rajvansh and Anjali get married and begin spending their good times at Rajvansh's grand bungalow. Rajvansh is a very wealthy man. He has a big estate and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Besides, he also spends his time looking for herbs and plants in forest and keeps experimenting in his lab. We can make out that his experiment involves raising the dead.

Time goes by and Rajvansh begins to realize that Anjali and Mama ji are exploiting his wealth. Mama ji is a man of vices. He visits brothels, is a drunkard and spends most of his time gambling with crooks. He frequently needs money to fulfill his alcohol urges and wants to milk Rajvansh for this. Anjali on the other hand keeps fulfilling Mama ji's demands. Rajvansh is frustrated and keeps himself away from Anjali. One day, Rajvansh saves a beautiful girl, who turns out to be a teacher at a local school. Meena (Pooja) is a beautiful and sober girl, who respects Rajvansh for his good behavior and ethics. Meena realizes that Anjali and Rajvansh share a sour relationship. A few days later, Rajvansh is shown experimenting in his laboratory, when a fuming chemical spills on the table and somehow mixes with drinking water in the jug. Rajvansh accidentally drinks some water and is paralyzed. During this time Rajvansh realizes the selfishness of his wife and selflessness of Meena. Meena looks after Rajvansh while Anjali sits idling away her time and avoids contact with Rajvansh. Mama ji realizes that Rajvansh is now no more than a crippled horse and should hence be murdered. Anjali discusses this plan with her ex-boyfriend Anand, who agrees to take part in the scheme for the sake of love. Anand poses himself as a doctor and pretends as if he is a versatile doctor and promises Rajvansh of fast recovery. One night Anand injects a highly potent poison into Rajvansh's body. Rajvansh dies after some struggle and Anand, Anjali and Mama ji bury the corpse '2 feet under the ground' (hence the name 'Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche'). Finally they come home only to realize that the keys to the safe are still in Rajvansh's pocket. Anand and Anjali rush to Rajvansh's grave and dig out the corpse for keys. However, the keys are not there. The keys are later found in Mama ji's pocket, but he doesn't how he got them there. Enraged, Anand beats up Mama ji, and drives him out of the house. The next day Mama ji sends some vagabonds to take care of Anand. After a good fight, Anand is able to subdue the goons, and they run away.

It is at this point the horror begins. Anjali begins to see Rajvansh's corpse walking out at night. She hears his voice. She soon finds out that Rajvansh has become a zombie and is still alive. She gets the idea that Rajvansh won't stop, unless he has taken revenge from those who killed him. A few days later, Mama ji dies after falling off a high cliff. It seems he was scared to death after seeing the zombie, and tumbled down as he lost his balance. Anand doesn't believe on Anjali, when she tells him about the zombie. However, he soon witnesses the presence of a ghoulish entity at close range. Something is lurking in the dark, looking for the victims.

So what is so special about this movie? As we can see the plot is very simple, but what makes this movie worth watching is the creepy atmosphere it holds within itself. The movie has a hypnotic quality, that forces the viewer to get engaged with the story way too deeply.

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