Ek Aur Jigar Baaz [Full Movie]

Description :
Ek Aur Jigar Baaz Bollywood Action Romantic Movie. Star Cast : Jayasudha, Sai Kumar, Suman, Brahmanandam, Bedika, Kalyanram, Director : V. Samudra, Producer : M. Manjunath, N. Srinivasareddy, Production Co : Sai Entertainment.
Synopsis : This is a story depicting the good and bad pictures of a family through the characters of a son and his father. The father is shown to be a nasty fellow who makes the life of his family miserable. Further, the movie is all about how Shiv brings back his mother and sister to their royal status. Shiv Kashi is a tough, young man with lots of love for public. He keeps teaching a good lesson to the thugs who take advantage of this innocent public. The daughter of Hanumant Rai falls in love with Shiv. Shiv Kashi reveals that is the son of a wealthy landlord staying in the neighboring village and he is been thrown away by his father due to some misunderstandings and lack of trust. Hanumant and his family don't believe this story and forcefully he returns back to his own town. There he comes to know that his mother is in miserable condition. After realizing the fact that Shiv's father is a nasty fellow, he decides to teach him a good lesson.

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