Gandhi My Father [Full Movie]

Description :
This film is one of the best films made in India also on the life of Gandhi ji. But it does not cover his spiritual life, his honesty towards seeking the truth and almighty directly. But this incident of his life itself tells a great deal about his tough journey towards the truth. A lot negative has been written about him now a days by the journalist and all such intellectuals. Actually these people cannot believe that a simple human being can become so great in one life. Even after this film so much was written against him and his love for his son was questioned. But one thing I would like the people to know who watch this film. somewhere I read about a great saint that one should be swarthi. swarthi which is made of two words i.e. swa means spirit and arth means meaning, means know the meaning of your spirit. That is anything coming in your way towards god should be left, one should be selfish while seeking the god and any weakness or anything coming in your way should not be put heed to. And when I saw this movie I remembered this saying. It is not he wouldn't have tried to save his son from weaknesses but you can go up to only an extent then you have to return to your safety for your journey. which is really impossible for most of us. Most of us fell pray to our weaknesses. And mostly in case of spirituality. This movie actually tells what it takes to become mahatma. Even prophet Ibrahim had to sacrifice his son to overcome his attachment for his son. I think prophet Ibrahim's killing his own son was not a big deal because he was at a height of greatness totally one with god. It was just a play to tell that attachment (moh) is one of the weakness what stops to reach the truth.
In case of gandhi ji it is more inspiring because he is fighting his shortcomings as a human being and tells this can be achieved if the seeking for the truth is intense and honest and no sacrifice is painful than the joy of closeness with god the truth.

After watching many people sympathized with his son. But not many feels the suffering gandhi ji would have to go through seeing his own son following his path of destruction.

His sons tried to come out the mire but was put down by the negativity which always try to obstruct the way of a seeker in the form of people who misguided him again when he was trying to mend his ways.

This negativity I talked here is nothing but darkness of ignorance which is widely talked about in a movie I saw made on hazarat ali sahab.

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