Ghar Ki Izzat [Full Movie]

Description :
'Ghar Ki Izzat' is a family drama centering around Chandar (Dilip Kumar) a lawyer and his sister Radhika. Radhika`s husband, Chiman stays at his In-Laws house and his mother in law bosses over Chiman, treating him like a servant. After a point Radhika is unable to bear her husband being insulted and they decide to move out. They begin to earn by selling life insurance policies with the help of Chandar. Rupa (Mumtaz Shanti), among others, decide to invest in life insurance policy offered by Radhika and Chiman. Rupa teaches in a school and has arranged for a play performance in various cities to raise funds for the school. To get funds she also approaches Radhika. At this meeting Chandar falls for her beauty. Chandar's mother, however, is unhappy about the relationship due to caste differences and the fact that Rupa is poor. But love triumphs and Chandar marries Rupa. After marriage, many ugly situations arise between Rupa and her mother-in-law, leading to unhappiness. Chandar becomes the victim in between their fights and takes to drinking. Will Chandar`s mother succeed in destroying his sons marriage? Will Rupa and Chandar unite and lead a happy life?

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