Godfather [Full Movie]

Description :
'Godfather' is a superhit comedy film directed by Siddique-Lal. It was a debut of theater legend, N.N. Pillai. Godfather is the longest running Malayalam movie and broke all the collection records. Bollywood movie 'Hulchul' (2004) is the remake of 'Godfather'.
Anjooran and Achamma are the heads of the two clans which are rivals for decades now. Anjooran and his son have bitter hatred for women and entry of women is prohibited in their house. Anjooran ensues that all his sons stay bachelors. Anjooran and his sons prevent the wedding of Achamma's granddaughter, Malu, which fuels their already existing rivalry. Achamma couldn't take this humiliation and hatches a plan to divide Anjooran's family. She advices Malu to trick Anjooran's son, Ramabhadran, in falling in love with her and making him against his father. Ramabhadran rejects Malu at first, but then decides to teach a lesson to her and her family. Soon they admit their true agenda and go separate ways, only to find that they are in love with each other. In order to get wed, Ramabhadran must convince his elder brothers to get married first, but nobody agrees. Meanwhile, Ramabhadran finds out that his elder brother, Swaminathan, is already married and has two kids. When Anjooran finds out about it, he kicks both Ramabhadran and Swaminathan out of the house. When Achamma gets to know that Malu is in love with Ramabhadran, she fixes Malu's marriage with the son of her advocate. She sends her sons to convince Anjooran to help them stop Ramabhadran from disrupting the marriage on one hand, while Achamma tells Ramabhadran to marry Malu, setting off confrontations between the estranged sons and father. Will Ramabhadran be able to get his love or will succumb to his father's values?

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