Jung Ka Elaan [Full Movie]

Description :
Ishwar (Darshan), settled in the city remembers the bloodshed between two warring factions in his native town. Several deaths and bloodshed wreaks havoc in the town and the police ask Ishwar to leave the town for good. In the city he takes the alias Ganesh, running a small business. He is also a Good Samaritan in the city helping others in need and taking care of his brother and sister. But with the rise in violence back in his native town, he returns to settle scores with disgruntled elements disrupting peace of the place. He takes up the cause of educating his people and liberating them from the slavery in the quarry business. However war escalates as dangerous goons set out to end Ishwar at any cost. Can Ishwar decimate the villains and rise supreme in his cause?

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