Kabhi Aave Na Judaai [Full Movie]

Description :
Prem was a boy from a poor family background who goes to the city to study with the help of his brother and sister in law. Prem resides with his friend tunnu. Prem tops the university and to give this news he goes back to his village to inform his brother and sister in law. From his childhood friend (savri) he comes to know that his brother has taken a huge amount of loan for his education in order to help his brother he goes back to the city to work, where through a stranger he meets Manmohan. Whose only daughter Devi has lost her mind after her lover's death Akash. Through them prem comes to know that aakash's face is exactly similar to his own. Because of his poverty and to earn money he gets into curing Devi overcome's her madness thinking that prem is her lover, then manmohan gets prem and Devi married. But manmohans brother in law in order to gain his property tries to bring down prem's respect in front of manmohan. And on the other hand prem's niece chinki dies. Prem returns back to his village and knows about savri that she has done a lot for prem. Because of some situation he has to get married to savri and on the other hand kali kills manmohan to snatch his property. One day when there was a conversation going on between kali and shambhu through which Devi comes to know that they were the ones responsible behind her father's death. In order to take revenge from prem and also to snatch the property Devi and heera lal kidnapped savri. Prem went to save Devi and savri wherein...

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