Khuda Gawah [Full Movie]

Description :
Watch Khuda Gawah Bollywood Action Drama Full length Movie . Star Cast : Vijaykanth, Ashima Bhalla, Rajat Bedi.
Synopsis : The film obviously has lots of loaded dialogues against his political detractors, which will go down well with his fans. Vijaykanth is Gajendra the loyal servant of the rich man Sarath Babu. Gajendra an orphan was brought by Sarath Babu. Gajendra dotes on Laya a mentally deranged girl who stays with a couple who takes care of her. Flora the granddaughter of Sarath is in love with Vijaykanth. Sarath Babu decides to marry off Flora to Vijaykanth and to overcome the protests from his son in law Nizhalagal Ravi he decides to adopt Vijaykant as his son. At this juncture Ravi comes up with Laya and questions his relationship with her. Vijaykanth is unable to say anything and Sarath Babu mistakes this silence and asks him to go out of the house.

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