Main Khunkhar Yodha [Full Movie]

Description :
Main Khunkhar Yodha is the Hindi dubbed version of Kannada movie Simhadriya Simha starring Vishnuvardhan, Meena, Bhanupriya, Shobha Raj, Abhijeet, M.M. Chandru, Shivram, Sundar Raj and Bali.

This story revolves around Sarkar strong principle of giving right justice to his village people. It proves justice to be stronger than relations.

This is a story of Sarkar -- a powerful authority of village whose unbiased judgment is the final order for all the villagers. This story describes his family issues. Sarkar's judgments are so strong that he doesn't even leave his own cousin who rapes a poor village girl and debars him from the society. For Sarkar, one wrong decision is equal to his death. Sarkar is said to be the Lord of Justice. A day turns out when Sarkar's own brother is blamed for raping a girl. This is not true. But still looking at the proofs Sarkar is forced to take the decision of debarring his pure hearted brother. Later, he comes to know that his brother is innocent and he has taken a wrong decision. Realizing this fact, Sarkar breathes his last breath with guilt in his eyes. Watch the movie; it has a great emotional touch.

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