Manasunna Maaraju - Telugu Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Rajashekar plays the good-hearted zamindar Dorababu of a village ready to help all in need. Laya, the daughter of a drunkard (Bharani) is a state ranker in intermediate with aspirations of becoming a doctor. Rajasekhar finances her education and later even builds a hospital for her. Laya worships him out of gratitude but Rajashekar misinterprets it as love. Meanwhile, Laya's marriage is fixed with an MLA's son but before it takes place, thanks to Rajashekar, the bridegroom's true colours are exposed. By this time Laya also starts loving the hero and the film moves to a predictable end. Somewhere in between all this is introduced the character of Asha Saini, the mandatory second heroine, which has become a regular feature of all Telugu films now.
Inspite of the routine storyline, its narration makes the film watchable. For Rajashekar, the role is a cakewalk as he has enacted the same many times times before. Laya does her part well while the other girl Asha Saini has been confined to a song. But the person who really steals the thunder is L B Sriram in a pellilla perayya role. Vandemataram Srinivas has given decent music and there are at least two very hummable numbers.

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