Manchala [Full Movie]

Description :
Manchala Bollywood Movie : 1999. Director : Jaiprakash Shaw Cast : Vivek Mushran, Gauri Khopkar, Rakesh Bedi, Raj Zutshi, Ajit Vacchani, Suresh Chatwal, Anil Nagrath.
Synopsis: Story of a wealthy man Ajit Vacchani (Ajit Vachani) who is finding ways to earn a lot of money and is always praising the lord Laxmi to get him more and more profit in his business everyday. He has a son named Shekhar (Vivek Mushran) who is studing in college in a city and lives in a hostel. Shekhar has been influenced by his friends for smoking and all the bad habits. Ajit Vacchani is in a search of a girl for his son Shekhar so that he can get him married. The father has seen a lot of girls but disapproves with them just because they cannot pay him the dowry he is asking for. Will Shekhar be ready for the marriage? Will Shekhar agree to what his dad wants him to do?

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