Mati Ke Saugandh [Full Movie]

Description :
• Bad times do not have any appears different to 2 different different ways. Similar to which is a Story trapped in society's morals and the name of it is 'Maati ki Saugand' who attracts the society towards right path. Thakur Ajit Singh is village's Landlord, who has a grip over the entire village, thakur's kids Ajay and Kamla return back to the village after seeking education from the city, villagers have a hope from younger thakur Ajay singh that Thakur's rule would end and a new society would take birth, but villagers face disappointment. And Ajay singh follows his dad's foot steps, to spoil him even further munshi play a vital role. In the village there is a family in which there is a widow whose name is Parvati, Parvati's brother-in-law Birju, his friend Shiva, who is a Lohar by profession. One day Kamala goes roaming in the village, in the process a loose character boy of the village tries to play with Kamla's self respect, Birju saves Kamla, in between this Birju and Kamla start loving each other. Shiva who starts loving a prostitute Gunja, on whom younger thakur has a bad eye , on the other hand Thakur's bad men whom thakur had nursed were dying one by one thus thakur was pissed because of it, other side when Parvati comes to know that Birju loves Kamla who is thakur's daughter so then she explains Birju's about the status difference in the society, the difference and limit between rich-poor, younger thakur Ajay singh sends few of his men to attack Birju but after attacking him they leave him half dead. Thakur Ajit singh makes Kamla aware of her status, he explains saying that the mud you are playing with also bring stains.....
• Does...Birju get Kamla..??
• Is Shiva able to live with a prostitute..??
• What is the reason behind which Parvati dose not allow Birju to love Kamla...??
• Who are the ones behind the murder of Thakur's men..??
• What is the mystery (secret) behind it..??
• What is the reason..??

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