Mera Aakrosh [Full Movie]

Description :
Its an out and out commercial masala to entertain the masses. The intention shows in each frame from the word go.
A boy, who becomes an orphan, is saved by an auto driver and later 'adopted' by a police officer. The officer names him as Gola (alias Ramkumar) and brings him up as a ruthless rowdy, who would eliminate anybody on demand.
Gola (actor Jeevan) becomes a gang leader and makes a lot of money by executing murders for money. The officer Mukund Rawat (Sampathraj) becomes commissioner and indulges in all sort of shady activities with the help of powerful Gola.
Life goes on smoothly till Gola meets Nalina (Priyamani), who is the daughter of the auto driver. He feels indebted and tries to help the family. He helps her without revealing his real identity. He promises her to get her a job in police department, which is her dream.
He seeks the help of his mentor cum police commissioner but he demands her to sleep with him to get the posting. Gola revolts and subsequently the mentor and the disciple become enemies.
The rest of the movie deals with the tug of war between the powerful dada and the all powerful police commissioner. Though Gola predictably triumphs

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