Mera Gaon Mera Desh 1971 With English Subtitles [Full Movie]

Description :
Movie: Mera gaon mera desh
Year: 1971
Directed: Raj Khosla
Produced: By Bolu Khosla and Lekh Raj Khosla
Music: By Laxmikant Ji and Pyarelal Ji
Starring: Dharmendra Asha Parekh and Vinod Khanna

Havaldar Major Jaswant Singh (Jayant) makes a citizen's arrest of petty thief Ajit (Dharmendra) and hands him over to the police, and after due process of law he is sentenced to six months in jail. After completing his sentence, the jailer asks him to approach Jaswant Singh for employment, and he does so. Jaswant asks him to help him with his farming work. Ajit meets Anju (Asha Parekh) and both fall in love. Ajit comes to know of Jabbar Singh (Vinod Khanna) a dacait who is terrozing the surrounding community, and Ajit decides to take on Jabbar. In retaliation, Jabbar abducts Anju, and instructs Ajit to come unarmed. Ajit decides to follow these instructions, however, as soon as he reaches Jabbar's hideout, he too is captured, and at the mercy of Jabbar and his woman (Laxmi Chhaya), who has been scorned by Ajit, and it is now up to her to decide Ajit's fate

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