Meri Izzat (Daddy) [Full Movie]

Description :
Meri Izzat is the dubbed Hindi version of Telugu movie Daddy starring Chiranjeevi, Simran & Ashima Bhalla.

Ashima is looking out for a bike-expect model to star in an advertisement. She gets hold of Raj Kumar (Chiranjeevi) and makes him act in her ad apposite her and she falls in love with Raj Kumar. When Raj Kumar rejects her love, she opts for a suicide. When she is admitted in the hospital, Prasad (Rejendra Prasad) tells her the flashback of Raj Kumar.

Raj Kumar runs a dance school and an audio manufacturing company. His dance school is meant to satisfy his zeal for dancing and audio company is meant for earning his bread and butter. He falls in love with Shanti (Simran) and gets married to her. Shanti gives birth to Akshaya (baby Akshaya). Akshaya is very fond of her daddy. Raj Kumar is very fond of his friends. He gives surety for the Chit Fund Company of his friend. His friend ditches Raj Kumar and his entire property is confiscated. Later on, it is revealed that Akshaya is having a heart disease. Raj Kumar needs 4 lakhs to get Akshaya operated and all his friends hesitate to help him with the money.

Ultimately Raj Kumar lands up in jail after confrontation with a friend who ditched him. Meanwhile, Akshaya at hospital expires. Santhi claims that Raj Kumar is responsible for the demise of their kid. Santhi leaves Raj Kumar and decides to live alone.

Raj Kumar builds a hospital on name of Akshaya and lives an anonymous life as volunteer in that foundation. After coming to know the pathetic flashback of Raj Kumar, Ashima decides to help him out.

Later on, to his amazement, Raj Kumar finds another girl who is Akshaya look-alike (baby Akshaya again) and comes to know that she is the daughter of Shanti. Shanti was pregnant when she left Raj Kumar and Raj Kumar was unaware of that fact. Shanti does not want the kid to know about her father. Raj Kumar wants to get back the kid along with Shanti.

The rest of the film is about how all the ends well.

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