Mrityudaata [Full Movie]

Description :
Mrityudaata is the Hindi dubbed version of Telugu movie Bhadradri starring Srihari, Raja, Gajala, Nikitha, Baladitya, Mukesh Rishi and Brahmanandam.

A film about a village's fight against rampant industrialization. The story starts in the village of Bhadradri, near Amalapuram which has a respectable head in Krishnamurthy (Ranganath) supported by his two sons Raghuram (Sri Hari) and Chandu (Baladitya). The family is dedicated to the welfare of the village and its people and Krishnamurthy even donates a part of his land to the poor farmers for livelihood. Trouble begins when a local company emits harmful gas and children of the village start dying after taking a particular medicine manufactured by the company owned by Shankar Narayan (Mukesh Rishi). Krishnamurthy meets the health minister (Jayaprakash Reddy) and pressurizes him to look in the matter. He even goes to the extent of self immolation which galvanizes the minister to order a formal enquiry. However the minister and the officials are bribed by Shankar Narayan and hence they dance to his tunes. On discovering that the medicine will soon affect the elders as well, Raghuram sends Chandu to the city to pursue a course in medicine. But Chandu is killed by the minister and Shankar Narayan. An enraged Raghuram decides to avenge his brother's death by hatching a strategic plan to trap all those involved in the crime. He is supported by Siddhu (Raja), Chandu's close friend in this process. He also lures Anu (Nikhita), the daughter of the health minister. Raghuram ultimately brings the culprits to book and this form the rest of the plot.

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