Muthi Bhar Zameen [Full Movie]

Description :
'Muthi Bhar Zameen' is the story of the clash between the poor, humble and petient stable boy Karan and the rich, proud and arrogant Thakur Raghuvir Singh. Seema, Thakurs daughter is a replica of her fathers behaviour and triats. Unlike father and daughter, Thakurs widowed sister Rani is an apostle of love, sacrifice, compassion and sympathy. . Raghuvir Singh is shocked to find his haughty daughter in the very arms of the poor unfortunate Karan, his adversary. . Raghuvir singh uses brute force on the usurper of his daughter. Rani cannot bear to see her brothers atrocities and in he bid to save karan, losses her life, but not before bequeathing karan a small piece of land which becomes an instrument with which he can match his eyes with his tormentor. . Now on the croos roads of life, obstinacy, helpless love and moral constraints are pitted against each other.

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