Paisa Paisa Paisa - Marathi Movie [Full Movie]

Description :
Paisa Paisa PaisaClassic Marathi Movie. Directed by Kumar Sohoni, Staring : Anant Jog, Girish Oak, Jayant Sawarkar, Prashant Subhedar, Ramesh Bhatkar, Savita Prabhune, Sudhir Joshi, Sunil Shende, Tushar Dalvi, Yashwant Dutt, Varsha Usgaonkar.
SynopsisPaisa Paisa Paisa is a story of a young, confident girl of marriageable age Tanuja Kelkar( Varsha Ujgaonkar). Tanuja's parents are very wealthy and prosperous. As they say, money makes the world go around. And Tanuja's parents could never see beyond money and could go to any lengths for it. Tanuja is seeing a colleague, Kedar Patil and wishes to marry him. Tanuja's boss has an evil eye on her and he foces himself up on her one day. A shocked Tanuja is in for a bigger shock when she learns that her boss has bribed her father to keep quiet. This reality shakes her up from within and she commits suicide.

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