Papi Gudia - The Devil Doll [Full Movie]

Description :
Papi Gudia-The Devil Doll Hindi Movie

Charan Raj (Shakti Kapoor) alias Channi, is a master of crime, theft, kidnapping and black magic. He has a desire to rule over the entire world and for this desire he is ready to do the meanest of deedseven that of murdering children. Charan Raj lays his hands upon an innocent boyRaju (Master Amar) Raju is the only support for his sister Karisma (Karishma Kapoor) who herself dances on stage to be able to rear her brother and has all her hopes pined on her brother. Channo who was by now assumed the guise of a dollA doll that can walk, talk and even killis the Papi Gudia. This doll gets stuck to Raju like a leech. Raju, in spite of being innocent gets linked to every murder and then he comes under the eye of police. Inspector Vijay Saxena (Avinash Wadhavan) holds Raju responsible for each murder. Karisma, who till now had been enjoying a comfortable life with her younger brother, is caught in a dilemma between murder and law. On one side is his younger brother and on the other side is her love Vijay Saxena. Things take a turn for the worse, when a police inspector, A. Yadav, is killed, and this time the finger points directly at Karisma's brother, who was found near the scene of the crime. Who wins this battle the doll or Raju forms the crux of this thriller story...

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